Learning Requires Talent

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Jun 7, 2016 23:09
In the past, I always thought everyone was equal, if you got a bad grade, that doesn't mean you were stupid, it just meant you need to spend more time on your studying. But after I have been teaching for 7 years, I changed my mind, there were many students, especially some girl students, working very hard while got a bad grade. You may say that's because they didn't study in the correct method, but some of them found it was useless after they had tried various methods.I don't know why did this phenomenon happen? My husband said, "Not everyone is suitable for studying, learning requires talent." I asked, "What should the people without talent do?" My husband said, "Keep on studying hard, working hard will become one of your good habit, you may don't have talent in studying, but each one of you has something you are good at, in the future, when you graduate from school, you may do the things you are good at, working hard will bring you lots of benifits."