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Jun 5, 2016 17:35
I have just read a story about a pair of old lovers.
In 1949, The man was 19 years old while the woman was 16 years old. They were a pair of lovers who loved each other very much. But for some reasons, the woman had to move away with her family. When they were apart, the woman asked the man, "Are you going to wait for me?" the man answered, "Of course, I will wait for you until you come back."
Over the next 60 years, they lost touch with each other, the woman got married, gave birth to children, then had grandchildren, During this time, she became an old lady. In 2009, when the man was 79 years old while the girl was 76 years old. With the help of the woman's grandson, they got in touch with each other again. The man was still alone and waited in the old place. The woman was shocked and asked him why didn't he get married and why did he wait for so many years. The man just smiled and didn't say anything. The woman continued to say that her husband treated her very well and their children are obedient. but she always cared about him and felt sorry for him.The man smiled and said, "You need not to feel sorry, I am very happy these years."
When the woman returned home, she walked towards her husband, she opened her mouth and shut, unspeaking. Finally her husband asked, "Do you want to go to accompany him." She nodded and said, "Yes, I owe him." Her husband said, "OK, you should do it if you want to. Don't worry about me, our children will take care of me." Then he sold their house and gave her the money, he said, "Now I marry you to him, please lead a happy life."
At last, the woman came back to the man and spent the rest of their life together.
In this story, who moved me most is the woman's husband.The older a person is, the more he is afraid of loneliness. I remembered clearly after my grandpa passed away, my grandma became old quickly.
女人回到家,对着她的丈夫欲言又止,最后她丈夫说:"你是不是想去陪他!"女人点头说:"是,我欠他的!" 她丈夫说:"那想去就去吧。别担心我,孩子们会照顾我的!"他把他们的房子卖掉然后把钱给她,说:"现在我把你嫁给了他,请你一定要幸福!"