How Should I Solve This Problem?

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Feb 21, 2016 00:12
Yesterday I took my son to a amusement park . My son was very excited, because there were two small electric vehicles in the amusement park, which he liked very much. But there were only two small electric vehicles for many kids. So my son wasn't always able to play the vehicle. Just like yesterday, when we arrived, a boy who was much older than my son was already in the vehicle. A little disappointed, my son began to play other toys.An hour passed, the big boy got off the vehicle and went to play other toys. My son was very pleased and got into the vehicle quickly. He was so happy that he even began to sing in it. But five minutes later, the former boy came back and let my son get off the vehicle immediately because he wanted to play it. My son refused, Then the big boy pulled my son out of the vehicle rudely. I am very angry and tried to reason with him, but he went away and paid no attention to me. His mother was nearby. She said:"adults should not intervene when children play." Then went away too. My son was both disappointed and sad. His eyes were full of tears.I held him in my arms and said:"My dear, bullying weak is not true, you should stand up for the weak when you are strong enough. Now you are too young to resist. let's forget it and play other toys. don't punish yourself with other people's mistake. " I didn't know whether he was able to understand me or not. Fortunately, he was soon happy again .