The Relationship Between Teachers and Students

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Jun 24, 2016 21:44
My colleague has just been pregnant. Today after having given three lessons to her students, she felt very tired. But she had hardly had time to have a rest when one of her students went to our office to ask her a question. My colleague said, "I am sorry, but I am really tired, can I answer you tomorrow?" The student was unhappy and said, "You are my teacher, I have paid my tuition and you have got your pay, you have no right to refuse to answer my question. " My colleague was a little angry and said, "I have been teaching with my heart and soul, you can't take teaching as a trade.If you insist on doing so, OK, now it's not my working time, I have the right to refuse to answer your question."
同事刚刚怀孕了!今天她上了三节课,很累,但是她还没来得及休息一下,一个学生就来问她问题,她说:"不好意思,我真的很累,能不能明天回答你!" 那个学生不高兴了,说:"你是我的老师,我交了学费,你拿了工资,你无权拒绝回答我问题!"我同事有点生气,说:"我用心用感情在教学,你不能把他看成一场交易!如果你非要这样做,好,现在不是上班时间,我有权不回答你问题!"