Housewives' Qualities Determine the Future of a Country

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Jun 23, 2016 11:43
Yesterday I had a chat with my good friend. She said that recently she was reading memoirs of some famous men and had found an interesting phenomenon : For most of them, when they recalled their mothers, they thought their mothers were gentle and kind women. From this phenomenon, we can see that a kind and gentle woman would do great benifit to children, especially boys. And then she gave an example that her mother was a capable and fierce woman and now she found both of her brothers were a little weak in characters. I couldn't agree with her any more, yes, housewives' qualities will determine the future of a country. Why the Japan can develope so quickly ? the most important reason is their housewives are of high qualities. Most of them are well educated, which result in high qualities of the young people of the country. As we all know, the wiser the youths are, the wiser the nation will be; the wealthier the youths are, the wealthier the nation will be; the stronger the youths are, the stronger the nation will be.