Health is the First and the Greatest of all Blessings

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May 20, 2010 04:55
A stunning quotation tells "Each man is a creator of temple called the human body"
God create the man in his likeness. He gave us the soul. He gave us the body. He made the world in such way that we have all we need. But the greatest of all the gifts He done is our health. God also gave us the opportunity to be our own gods in our physical temples.
From the moment we was born,our soul and body was perfectly health. During our life we can become healthy or sickly. It depends on ourselves.
But let think why our health is the first and the greatest of the blessings?
If we analyze one of our room-flowers we observe two things. If the flower's leafs are a beautiful green colour and the corola is bright and pleasant colored it sign us that the flower is live.It absorbs the sunlight and breath through the leafs. If the flower shows yellow stains it seems it is sick and the vital energy is at the end.
The similar situation is with the human body. Being health the man is capable to walk,to breath,to laugh,to smell etc. While we fall ill we are limited in our actions. But actions compose the life. To enjoy the life we need to do all the actions, especially those that are essential as breathing,feeling,walking,eating,talking etc.
That's why the topping of all blessings is health,because it gives us the chance for live but not for existence.But why the world was created for? For the life of course.