Today is my sister’s birthday.

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Mar 23, 2019 22:55
Today is my sister’s birthday. I had already ordered her birthday cake at a store which has a good reputation for its delicious confectionery. While we were eating it after dinner, I told my family about a very funny story which was related to the birthday cake. The store always gives me free colourful candles for birthday cakes, so I asked them to give me twenty of them when I ordered it on the phone. Actually, I didn’t need so many of them. I thought that my eleven years old niece might break several candles because she was excited about my sister’s birthday. I wanted to have enough candles just in case. This is a funny part. When I asked them the candles, a lady on the phone said that I couldn’t put so many candles on the cake. When I finished telling the story to my family, my sister laughed very hard. She told us that she didn’t want to get older anymore.
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