My sister is stubborn and gets angry easily.

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Sep 26, 2018 22:37
My sister is stubborn and gets angry easily. I have really annoyed with the way she closes the entrance door. I have told her not to slam it many times, but I am younger than her, so she hasn’t listened to me at all. Today, we went out by car in the night. I asked my sister to pull over the car in front of the station. I got off the car and walked to the rear side of it. I went there because I wanted to make sure that no car was on the road when I acrossed to the other side of the road. Many cars kept coming and I had to wait for a while. I didn’t know what happened, but my sister suddenly backed the car. My arm was bumped on the car light. It was nothing serious, but I rushed to her and told her that I was still there. My father is very gentle and doesn’t get upset, so he didn’t scold her for careless driving. He told my sister not to back the car unnecessarily. He didn’t raise his voice at all, but my sister irritated what she was told and was furiously angry. It was very scary that she drove violently to the house.