The rainy season has finally started.

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Jun 26, 2019 23:22
The rainy season has finally started. I don't like wet and humid weather, but we need it for crops. Today, I read a news about Toyota's car problems on the internet site. It said that the cars which were made from May in 2015 to November in 2018 might have waterproof problems which would cause big engine troubles. I was shocked when I read it because my father bought his car at Toyota last November. Fortunatelly, his car hasn't had such troubles so far, but it might happen anytime soon.The news just be released in the early evening,so his car dealer hasn't called him yet. According to the weather forcast, we will have rainy days for a while, and moreover, a typhoon is coming this way. I hope that my father's car has no problems. At least the car dealer will do a check for water leaks and makes us feel releaved.