I have practiced driving once a week.

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Apr 16, 2019 21:03
I have practiced driving once a week. Though I still need my father to sit next to me, I have been getting used to it gradually. Today, after work, I started driving my father’s car as usual. I took the same route which was about 80 minutes’ drive. I noticed two cars and one motorcycle were stopped by police officers on the roads. Maybe the police officers launched a campaign against violation of traffic laws. I drove without any problems in the first 40 minutes, but I was very nervous when I tried to change the lane in the last 40 minutes. The driver whose car was on the next lane didn’t let me drive in front of him. I had to change the lane because I needed to turn left to go home. I gave up changing the lane at the time and let him go past. I was a little annoyed by him who was surely saw my winker blinking. I think that every driver should have spirits of give-and-take on the roads.
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