I have started cleaning up my room after lunch.

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Jun 22, 2019 22:35
I have started cleaning up my room after lunch. It took almost 4 hours to choose which items I should keep or toss in my room. I think that it happens a lot to everyone when we clean up own rooms. We often stop cleaning and start reading letters or cards from families and friends and also smilimg at picturres which brought us good memories eventhough we don't have time to do such things. Anyway, I finished cleaning up and called my father and my sister to give me their hands to remove a broken air condition and a wardrobe. My room is on the second floor, so we took extra care when we took those furniture to the down stairs. I also wanted to change a carpet, so they helped me to remove it as well. Since the carpet was glued onto the floor, I couldn't finish it before dinner. I still have Sunday to continue cleanig up. My plan is that I am going to polish the floor in the morning and go to a furniture store to get a mattress pad, curtains and a carpet in the afternoon. My room is quite messy right now. I will sleep in the living room tonight.