Yesterday, I got my hair cut.

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Jun 15, 2019 23:18
Yesterday, I got my hair cut. I planned to trim off the ends, but it turned out that my hair became shorter than I imagined. It didn't mean that my hairdresser cut my hair too much by mistake. There was a reasonable reason for this. My hairdresser and I talked about doing something new. I told her that I bought a new laptop for me to open a new world and she told me that she was planning to get English conversation lessons on the internet site. We were excited to know that both of us were about trying new things. Then, she recommended me that cutting hair was also good for getting rid of bad things in the past. I had kept my hair long for years, because I had a silly idea that my long hair had a power to bring good luck for me. I thought that it was the time to change. I asked her to cut it about 10 centimeters and now I have semi-long hair. My life hasn't changed so far, but I am sure that my life is going to be wonderful if I try harder than ever.