I took a day off from work today.

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Mar 22, 2019 21:17
I took a day off from work today. My sister’s birthday is tomorrow, so I waited for my niece to come home from school and we went to a mall for buying her birthday gift. I thought that a bag would be a nice gift, so we walked in the mall for one hour to look for the best gift. However, we couldn’t find the bag which was suitable for her. Then, my niece wanted to check accessory section. She said that my sister would be happy if we picked a necklace for her. Fortunately, there were many types of necklaces in showcases. My niece told me that it would bring a lot of happiness to my sister and she pointed a four leaf clover shaped necklace. We bought it instead of the bag. I am sure that my sister will like it very much.
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