I am going to buy a chest at IKEA.

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Jul 7, 2019 20:29
I am going to buy a chest at IKEA. I am willing to assembling it by myself, but I was a little worried about doing DIY. I thought that it should have been better to take a look at YouTube videos for assembling IKEA's chests on the net before hand. As I expected that there were many people made the YouTube videos about it and I also found people who arrenged their chests to make them be more original ones. It was very nice to see that they changed colours and handles and also glued accessories. However, assembling process was much more complicated and difficult than I thought. Many parts of the chest were in a box. I showed one of the YouTube video to my sister who is good at doing craft things. She said that she could do it if there was a manual for it . I have never bought a piece of furniture at IKEA. Does any one know that there is an instruction paper in the box?