Yesterday, I bought a chest at IKEA.

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Jul 15, 2019 21:37
Yesterday, I bought a chest at IKEA. Today, I assembled it by myself. Actually I planned to ask my father and sister to give their hands, but I changed my mind and did it all by myself. My father has a lot of tools including an electric drill. I bollowed them and started assembling it in my room. It was the first time to do such a thing, so my sister advised me to check all the parts and count them before I built them. I got two boxes for my new chest and both of them were quite heavy. I felt nervous when I opened them because there were so many pieces in the boxes. I checked instruction papers which explained with illustration how to assemble those parts properly. I followed the instruction carefully and I assembled it without fail. I couldn't believe what I have done. I thougth that I wasn't good at doing craft things for a long time, but I actually did it. About seven month ago, one guy said that I wasn't talented at making things. I lost self-confidence at the time because he made a living by doing crafts. I will never see him again, but I want tell him that I can at least assemble the parts to make the chest.