Just Came Back From Hungary

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Sep 16, 2019 21:32
Just Came Back From Hungary

I finished my trip in Europe, from Prague to Budapest. The street sights was astonishingly beautiful; the temperature and humidity were perfect to my body, I really enjoyed my trip.

This trip was memorable because it is my first time to travel along. I managed everything I need for this trip, such as booking air-flight/train tickets, made hostel reservation, etc. Though I felt kinda lonely sometimes, I still gained a lot in my mind from this trip.

The most important thing was that I eased my negative thoughts and feelings. I explored these two cities along, walked more than 12 hours a day without constantly checking my smartphone, and focused on the cities themselves and tourist attractions. It is a perfect therapy for being in slump.

When exploring cities, I pondered the life-issues I am encountering. Sarcastically, I realized the advises from my father were right, which I never took them seriously. Just like the conversation between me and a Czech girl sit next to me on the airplane flying to Prague. "I am quite excited about travelling to Prague, I heard it is a beautiful city.", I said. "Yeah, but for me, it is just like(sign)... going back home again", the girl responded.

When you look very closely to something, you would notice the flaws and care about them much more than the good aspects, which misleads you to make wrong judgement. Only when you zoom out and make the big picture clearly, you see things with more objective viewpoints.

It is cliché, but hard to notice when you are in difficult situations. That's why life is both easy and hard.