What a disastrous week...

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Nov 30, 2018 12:04
What a disastrous week...

My laptop was broken again and that made me really frustrated. In the last journal entry, I explained that my laptop was broken due to the corrupted Hard Disk Drive (HDD). This problem was repaired by formatting, however, the Solid State Drive (SSD) where I installed Windows to was dead few days after. I got to re-install Windows again to my laptop...

SSD is cheaper, shockproof and reads and writes faster than HDD. But if SSD dead, there is no guarantee to save the files back and the price of recovering data is really expensive. Disk recovery service charges depending on the damaged level. The lightest level, generally was caused by deleting data by mistakes, costs 50 USD. Other levels above the lightest cost from 200 to 7000 USD, and recovering data from a dead SSD is usually classified to the highest level-- it is too costly and I didn't want to pay for that.

Though I have to give up the data, luckily, my SSD is still in warrant. I can get a new one for free. And I noticed that I can recovery the data of days-before version from a HDD where I created backups. Even though they are not the latest data, I was still happy with this result which is better than nothing.

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