"How to learn" is something need to learn

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Nov 13, 2018 08:13
"How to learn" is something need to learn

When I was a junior high student, I hate going to school very much. In Taiwan, students study for exams to get great grade. Other than giving lessons, teachers also teach exam skills since student parents evaluate teachers' performance by student's grade. Most ''study skills'' I had learnt were very grade-oriented. I don't like acquiring knowledge for exams, this process should be for satisfying our craving of gaining knowledge.

After graduated from school, I've noticed that study skills were inefficient which were inefficient for studying something needed as most Taiwanese don't have much time after work. So, I am trying to reshape the study pattern by referring to articles and the logic training from my thesis project. It has went fine, I quite enjoy the process of tailoring my personal studying pattern by trial & error. Hopefully, I could make a refined studying pattern before I find a job.

There's a phrase I'd like to ask-- what does "batting aside" mean in the sentence below? I've checked this phrase online but there's no decent answer.

"Batting aside these questions, his agent Ashley said that they have prepared alternate strategies to show his "amazing personality" when he's older."

Does that mean "apart from"?