Real Japan

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Feb 23, 2019 23:06
Today, my brother who lives in Japan came back to China to celebrate his wife's birthday. I also went to the birthday party.
I asked him, how about Japan? He said, actually, Japan is a poor country. As a tourist, you can't see the real Japan. For me, because I live in Japan for 20 years, I know Japanese people live hard. The consumption tax is 8%, however, it will rise to 10% in the future. When you leave the country, you should pay extra tax which cost 1000 yen. It's ridiculous. I'm working for a construction company. At busy time, I work nearly 20 hours a day. While I driving a truck, I just feel sleepy. I know it's dangerous but... you know, I have no choice.
When I heard my brother what he said, I keep silence. We all think Japan is a rich country and people live happy. But reality is not. I couldn't believe my ears that my brother works nearly 20 hours a day, it's crazy. Now I realized that karoshi in Japan is true.