they are watching me!

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Jul 17, 2017 11:38
One of my friends who is living in New Zealand wanted me to find a people to do web design job.
I tried to log in some recruit websites, but I found that I need to fill in company's information. If you have no company, you can't employ the people in China.
So I used my father's company who is running a restaurant.
The next day, Trade and Industry Bureau officers made a call to me! He said, you want to find a people to do web design, but your company is running a restaurant, why? I was scared, and said, sir, I'm sorry, this is my father's company. I just want to find a people to do web design job. And then, he said to me, Okay, never do that next time.
Why he knew that? I realized they are watching me! It's terrible.
If you are living in China, be careful! Even though I don't know many things.