Foot massage

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Feb 25, 2019 14:48
Today is my dayoff. I went to massage parlour for foot massage.
The girl who did foot massage for me looks like 30 years old. I talked with her a lot.
I asked her, where do you come from? She answered, Sichuan. Then I said, are you married? She said, yeah. I asked, I mean, can I have a sex with you here? She laughted, yeah, if you have money, it's expensive. I said to her, Oh, you have a husband, how could you do that? Then She kept quiet.
In China, have sex in massage parlour is illegal. police can catch you and you will detained for one week.
However, in reality, so many girls who come from countryside to big city like Shanghai do massage. And Sometimes they do prostitution. Even though they have husbands and family.
When I lived in Japan, I know some Chinese girls do part time job in massage parlours. They just need money.
Many Chinese girls married with Japanese men, they just want to stay in Japan.