Secret massage parlour

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Feb 26, 2019 23:57
I have a Chinese friend who is working for a company.
One day, he asked me, kei, shall we go to massage parlour for sex? I laughed, you have a girlfriend, right? How could you go that place? Then he said, Come on! Just for relax, let's go. So I went to massage parlour with him.
When we went there, there was a hotel. I said, man, that's a hotel, not massage parlour. Then my friend said, just a minute. He stood beyond the wall. For two minutes, the wall opened! I couldn't believe my eyes, the wall is a another entrance! We came into the hotel. It's very dark inside. Many people in there, almost men. My friend came to the reception and said, we need service. So the bell boy show us the way to a small room. There were many young girls standing in the room! My friend was a old bird and he quickly pick one girl. I choosed one girl. Then the girl showed me the way to a small room. We had sex there. After that, I asked, you are so cute and young, why you do that? The girl answered, just for money. So I kept quiet.
The friend who showed me to massage parlour for sex broke up with his girlfriend. Recently, I have no connected with him.