introduce me a girlfriend.

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Feb 25, 2019 08:55
Last Saturday, I went to my brother's wife's birthday party.
There were about 20 people came to the birthday party. We ate, drunk, after that, we went to sing the Karaoke.
Because I'm single, my brother's wife was very kind and she wanted to introduce me a young girl who is also single.
But, I had no money, and I'm living with my mother, how could I date with a girl?
My brother's wife said, Kei, you are a very introversion person, it's not good. Making a girlfriend can help you to be more open and cheerful. However, my brother opposed me to date with that girl. He said, Kei, you are a very honest man, but she has experience, I think you and she is not match. Anyway, I don't want my brother hurt.
So, how should I do? I asked her telephone number, I want to be a friend with her first.
She smokes. I don't like girl who smoke. She looks like a old bird and I felt a little bit self abasement.