My father is a devil.

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Feb 27, 2019 23:18
My father is a devil. He is a cold business man. He loves money so much. When he wants money, he will take advantage of other people, even his family.
I still remember, last year, one day, my father took me to the bank.
He gave me a paper and said to me, sign here. The paper is a loan contract, if I sign it, I can borrow 100,0000RMB from bank.
My father said, you sign, and I take the money. I was very confused, Dad, if I sign it, that mean I must pay the debts. Then my father yelled, I will pay the debts for you, do you understand? Now you sign the fucking contract! I was almost crying, finally I sign the contract.
My father took the money and he went to Japan.
One day, I received a telephone call from bank that ask me to pay the debts. I cried. I realized that my father cheated me! He didn't pay the debts for me! I immediately made a phone call to dad who is in Japan. But I couldn't contact with him. Seemed like he disappeared.
How could I pay for the 100,0000RMB debts with my little salary? I felt desperate. I talked with my mother and now we are negotiating with the bank.
Not only me, but also my grandfather and grandmother hate my father. My father invested the real estate, he failed. He mortgage my grandfather and grandmother's house to the bank. Because he failed, the bank took the house away. Now my grandfather and grandmother are living in old people's home.
I tell you this true story because I want you to know business is very dirty. Many business man like my father they can do everything for money. For them, the most important thing is always money, money, money.