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Feb 24, 2019 23:07
Today, some tourists who come from Trinidad and Tobago which I never heard came to our hotel.
They asked the reception girl some simple questions, but it seemed that she can't understand English. She was embarrassed and asked me for a help. I helped her, it's a piece of cake.
I know my colleagues hate English. They rather play iPhone or games than learn some basic English. They are at the bottom of society. They have no future.
Before I work for this hotel, I worked in a five star hotel. Everyone can speak English well there. They even have English names, like Jiessie, Tony, Justin...
Foreigners like to stay in five star hotel in China. Because not only five star hotel is comfortable, but also staff in there can speak English. However, our hotel is cheap and comfortable, if you want to practice your Chinese, please come to our hotel.