Moon Lovers

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Feb 24, 2019 23:35
Today, I saw a Japanese TV drama called Moon Lovers.
In this TV drama, it seems that Japanese actors don't know the difference between China and Taiwan.
China always say, Taiwan is a part of China. But many Taiwaness don't think they are Chinese.
During the World War 2, Taiwan was the colony of Japan. Not like South Korean which also was the colony of Japan and hate Japan, Taiwan like Japan so much. Many young Taiwaness learn Japanese and want to go abroad to Japan.
Japanese like Taiwan, too. Every year, many Japanese go travel to Japan.
Then, how is China? It's hard to say Chinese like Japan or not. It's complicated. I still remember, in 2005, there is a against Japan demonstration happened in China every city. people smash the window of Japanese shopping mall, and they burn the Japanese car. It was horrible.
Now China and Japan's relationship becomes better than before.