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Feb 26, 2019 23:15
I still remember, last year, one day night, over work I went to massage parlour for sex.
After that, when I left the massage parlour, two men looked like gangster came to me. They said to me, we are police. You just had sex with girl in massage parlour, right? I was shocked and said, no. Then two men said, don't lie to us, you are arrested. One week detention. Actually, I knew they were not police, but I was so scared. I said, Please, I have a job tomorrow. Then the two men showed their real face, they threatened me, if you not want to be arrested, give us the money, 5000RMB. I was almost cried and finally I gave them 1000RMB all I have. Then they let me go.
It's really horrible. If I was arrested, I would lose my job.
In China, go to massage for sex is illegal. I always negotiate with girl in massage parlour for sex. It's illegal. Police can arrest you. These two bad guys know that, so they use it to threaten me.
After that case, I never go to massage parlour. I know it's dangerous. Some bad guys might target you they hidden in the dark. l learn a lesson.