A tool without soul.

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Mar 21, 2019 22:36
One of my Japanese friends recommended me a application which can talk with English native speakers with no appointment, it's called Cambly.
It cost me about $8 to talked with a white man who come from South Africa by 30 minutes. We talked a lot, Cambly is great.
However, I have no much money, so I just learned English by 30 minutes. When I wanted to ask the teacher something, time was up.
Nowadays, learning English is very expensive. But English is a global language, so I should learn it. I realized that it's very difficult for me to talk like English native speakers. If you want to do business with English native speakers, and your English is not good as them, it doesn't make sence.
I lived in Japan for 6 years, it's a very priceless experience for me to understand Japanese culture. I can not only speak Japanese language, but also know the Japanese culture. But English is different, English for me is just a tool because I never been to Europe or America. My English is just a tool without soul.