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Feb 25, 2019 22:36
Hello, everyone, my name is Kei. I live in Shanghai, China. Shanghai is a big city. The cost living is high.
Now I'm working at a hotel as a doorman. Do you know what doorman is?
The doorman belongs to concierge which is a department of hotel. When the guests come to hotel, the first receive them is doorman.
My job is stand beside the door to open and close it for guests. And I smile, say hello. Some guests are kind they will say thank you to me, some not.
Actually, stand beside door is boring and tired. Sometimes I distract. When guests come to our hotel, I should take luggages for them. You know, Sometimes their luggages are very heavy. I take them to their rooms. Sometimes they will give me tips.
I have been working as a doorman for 3 years. Although the salary is not high, it's stable. I want to work for a long time. But in reality, in China, there is almost no doorman over 40 years old. Now I'm 34, I'm worried about my future.
I saw a foreign movie before, I saw it's normal that senior doorman work for hotel in foreign country. They are experienced. I think it's good, but in China, senior doorman is no way.
By the way, do you know the golden key? Golden key is a qualification to someone who work for concierge has more than five years work experience and can speak two foreign languages. Now there is not many golden key in China. Almost of them work for five star hotels.
I know swiss hotel school is very famous. Many graduates come to international five star hotels like Four Seasons Hotel and Intercontinental Hotel. They are the managers. However, study one year in swiss hotel school is expensive. It cost 15,0000 RMB one year. I want to but I have no money.