My life in the K: Don't judge a book by its cover.

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Mar 17, 2017 06:33
Japan has a long history with tattoos. I think Japanese tattoos are fantastic. I think tattoos are art. However most of Japanese don't like tattoos that much. If you had a tattoo, people would think about you are one of associations with organised crime becaue of history of gangsters( yakuza) We live in 21 century now. The times has changed though some people still can't accept tattoos or people who have one. As you know in Japan, is famous for it's hot springs( onsen) If you have tattoos you would not allow to get in. I'm sad because I've got a small tattoo on my leg and quite big one on my shoulder. I love tattoos and I'm happy to have them. I think we should proud of Japanese tattoos as a one of our culture like samurai ,ninjya, anime and technology.