My life in the UK: Do you like your job?

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Oct 6, 2016 20:51
I have been working for a hairdresser as a receptionist for about 2 years. First year, I found that being just receptionist was boring. Answering phone in English was hard though. I was quite happy that the stylist asked me to help when they were very busy. I started learning how to wash customer's hair on Youtube as I really liked Japanese style hair wash which felt so good. I practiced a lot. Luckily everyone loves it. I hate to admit but I'm the best in our salon as I get a lot of tip more than anyone else. Also I've done that Indian Head Massage course. I'm qualified now. We put it on our menu this summer. I have been very busy as a versatile stuff since then. It's a good busy. I enjoy my job so far. I'm thankful people who is supporting me.