My life in the UK: I can't stand my disrespectful neighbors

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Sep 16, 2016 02:52
I have spoke to my neighbors about the noise. I just asked politely like" Could you please make an effort to walk more quietly like softly " I didn't say anything about their monster boy. They said" My boy can make as much noise as he wants hahaha ' No no no no... I asked YOU to walk quietly in the first place because YOUR footsteps are very loud like elephant( I didn't said that) They started taking about their kid and said nothing to do because he is just 3 years boy. To be honest, I find the whole " my kid have the right to do whatever or whenever " attitude really disrespectful. They gave me headache. I wish I could said " YOU should learn how to walk property and how to control your kid!!! " that's embarrassing seriously.