My life in the UK, If I were you I would not spend wast of my life. no second chance!

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Nov 9, 2015 23:57
A english friend of mine, he has been having a long distance relationship with Japanese girl in Japan for 10 years. They both are 30 years old now.He meets her once a year.I have met her twice. I guess he likes her very much. she loves him so much. She wants to marry him and wants to move to England to be with him. About 2 years ago, they got engaged.I was so surprised because I though he is not ready for commitment and sure enough,he started seeing someone and cheated on his girlfriend while they are in engage. They broke up last year.I agreed with him took right decision.However They went back together this year. Apparently she will move to England next year. I think she is so stupid. it's not my business though...