My life in the UK: Do you like to give a bouquet of flowers to women?

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Aug 26, 2017 04:10
Jules gives me some flowers sometimes, such as an apologise or with all his gratitude or anniversary or Valentine's day which is lovely. I think Japanese man don't do that much. It doesn't mean they are stingy. Japanese working class man get their girlfriend or partner designer's brand bags and stuff If their girlfriend/wife wants. I've heard that British man gives some flowers to their partner to express their gratitude every Friday. Is that true? Jules doesn't do that, but he gets me some treats every Friday.I've heard that British are kind of stingy. If their girlfriend/partner wants a Louis Vuitton bag.I don't think they will buy for her. I bet Jules would say you could get fake one in Thai land. Anyway Jules got me some beautiful flowers tonight because It's our wedding anniversary tomorrow. I love romantic.