My life in the UK: I've came back from hell.

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Aug 15, 2017 01:32
I started having a sore throat about two weeks ago. I had a cough and runny nose. Jules told me it was just a cold. However I got a bad feelings about it because my tonsils were swollen. I didn't get sleep at all because I had a terrible cough and my body felt cold and hot. I had a fever as well. If I have a fever, it usually means my tonsils have swollen up. I thought It was not just a cold. Jules made an appointment for me and he took me to see a doctor. I've seen the doctor and prescribed an antibiotic. I had a acute tonsillitis. Ah, it was a nightmare. It took me two weeks to recover myself. One thing you can't replace is your body. That's why health is important isn't it!