My life in the UK: I'll teach you some Japanese( kind of slang words)

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Mar 15, 2017 03:48
No,1; Yabai... meaning for negative like dangerous/ awkward/uncomfortable ,but also it has positive meaning as well like "that's sick" " fecking awesome"

No.2, Sugoi... meaning is "very""really" also that's great,fantastic,cool,super cute,lovely" " well done" "good job" You can use it anything in any situation.

My problem is I use " sugoi" or "yabai" even when I speak English because I love these Japanese word so much. I don't know why, but it comes out from my mouth naturally. I'm sugoi hungry. It was sugoi busy. Yabai!! it was sugoi funny. Some Japanese friends of mine point out my funny English. Never mind.