My life in the UK: Low level English + swear words + slang = ?

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Sep 29, 2016 05:04
An Asian guy came to our salon to get his hair cut last week. His English was crazy.
Here is our crazy conversation in English ↓↓↓  
Me: Hi Are you alright? The weather is horrible today isn't it?
Mr: Yeah, F*ck off .
Me: !!!! ??? !!!!! Do you like England?
Mr: hmmm maybe so so but I don't like this F*cking weather raining F*uck off.
Me:What brings you to Eastbourne?
Mr: by bus mate.
Me:???? Are you student? Where are you originally from?
Mr: I'm from Japan with many many wankers. study English mate.

I think someone taught him wrong English....
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