My life in the UK: Have you had a Rock Cakes?

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Mar 8, 2017 07:02
I baked some Rock Cakes with Fran's recipe last weekend. Fran used to live next door and she had made some Rock Cakes for me before. Since then, I'm big fan of it. It's a kind of traditional English biscuits with dry fruits. It's easy to make as well. However Julian told me that he used to eat when he was a little. His nana used to make them all the time so he sounded like sick to death of it. That's alright. I have enjoyed it with tea. Next day, I was suppose to have some more. I realised that all Rock Cakes had already gone!! When I asked Jules if you finished it, he said Sakura(cat) ate it all. I found some crumbs of cake on his jumper.
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