My life in the UK: Adventure in London, again.

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Aug 31, 2017 05:27
Last Saturday, It was our wedding anniversary. We have booked some tickets to see a play called The Woman in Black so we went to Covent Garden in London. We watched this film last year and we liked it. I've never see a play in the UK so I was looking forward to seeing this. However I have never been so bored watching a play in my life. It was so long introductions. Also it was used very old fashion English which was hard to understand for me. It should be spooky and a night of horror, but it was like a comedy. The half way through, I wanted to get out there so I asked Jules that were you happy with walk out, he felt the same so I was pleased. We headed off Yakiniku(BBQ) restaurant straightway and food made us happy. Jules got me a lot of Japanese sweets at Japan Centre which was lovely. The play was rubbish, but overall, we had a lovely time in London.