My life in the UK: Eat, Pray and Love

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Oct 18, 2016 04:18
I watched the film called Eat, Pray and Love as a friend of mind recommended me to watch. It was about a married woman realize how unhappy her marriage is and after a painful divorce, she travel to Italy,India and Bali to " find myself". I don't watch love romance films usually but I tried it because I used to travel to Bali many time for surf trip. I know Bali is such a magical and spiritual place. People are kind. I remember, once when I was surfing I got nasty cut. I went into panic as my leg was bleeding badly. The local surfer took me out of the water and put lime juice on my leg. It was REALLY painful because lime has strong acid. I needed to go to hospital but It worked wonder for me after all without modem medical care. This film was rubbish but It made me go back to Bali.