My life in the UK: City or Countryside?

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Jul 20, 2017 03:09
I grew up in coastal city in Japan and I used to work in Tokyo, but I always wanted to get a house in the countryside by the sea when I retire. I think that the countryside is more beautiful than the city. However, In Japan, I think many Japanese people have negative idea about rural area because it's inconvenience and boring. They believe that life in the city is more sophisticated. Buying a house or flat where near the station or shopping centre in the city costs a fortune. It's always busy, noisy and horrible air. Is it worth the price? Have you seen rural England?It's so beautiful and peaceful. I live in countryside near the sea in England at the moment so I'm happy to be here. Problem is the only work opportunity is very small and shops are tacky. Which would you like to live ? in the city ? or countryside?