My life in the UK: Dear me, 5 years in the UK ( Final)

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Mar 1, 2017 05:56
Now I have Jules, we have our own flat and cat Sakura. We have our own little family here. I think I have been really growing as a person for five years. My English is functional but it's still not great. If people laugh at my mistakes, I'll let it go, be a little shameless and just laugh at myself because mistakes are funny. I'm still learning English. I need to stop stress myself out. Writing this letter to myself has made realised that I'm so lucky to have my beautiful English husband here. His family are all lovelyI and supportive. I have some friends now. I have a job. I started my own little business as well. I couldn't have done and overcame without them and their support. That's for sure. I love them. I love Japan and UK.

Sincerely. eico xxx