My life in the UK: I must renew my passport at Japan Embassy.

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Oct 19, 2016 05:35
Jules and I are going to Thailand after Christmas for holiday. I must renew my passport next month. I live in East Sussex which mean I have to go to Japan Embassy to apply for it in London and one week later, I must go back there to get it. They don't send it for me due to it's not far enough from London. Actually It's FAR!! which is annoying as It costs me a lot. I have to go to London twice just for renew my passport. It's not fair... Also the RMT's Southern railway loves being delay or on the strike or rail works. Isn't it great living in England. In my county has never happen. We have rail work at mid of night that we don't use train. We care for commuters and tourists who support our economy. Sigh.....whatever