My life in the UK: Ghost in the shell / Japanese anime

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Apr 6, 2017 05:13
Have you watched fills called " Ghost in the shell"? it's originally published as a manga serise written by Masamune Shirow in late 80's. Later on, in 90's TV series started and film was released in early 2000 I guess. It's one of my favourite Japanese anime. Hollywood made vidual version of Ghost in the shell finally. Scarlet Johansson played as a main character. I went to the cinema to see it with Jules last weekend. It's about set in a future in which the line between human and machine is becoming blurred. It was stunning visuals like neon-cityscape. I enjoyed that film. Some people might criticise about this film like main actress should be asian girl because its basted on Japanese anime. I think it doesn't need to be. I think Japanese anime are brilliant!!