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Apr 27, 2019 11:36
Given the current circumstances, in which the effect of climate change is pretty evident and poses a threat to the planet, the civil society as well as governmental entities are concerned about the environment. There are different strategies to protect the environment which include governmental regulations, environmental awareness groups, and individual effort. Of the three I believe environmental awareness groups has the greatest impact.

I have had the opportunity to deal with this issue, so from my experience I have come to learn that governmental regulations or individual effort are not sufficient to get the people to beware the environment. Peoples need to learn the causes and consequences of harming our planet. They especially need to know what are the ways in which they can effectively contribute to a big change through simple and small scale habits.

I can illustrate this statement whit a recent experience that happened in my hometown, Bogotá. The mayor decided to acquire containers to recycle; it has been totally useless because the government did not implement educational programs to the citizens as to how to use the containers, how to separate waste and so on. There are few people who do know how to manage the waste in the container, it nevertheless, is not enough because the job they do is lost due to the rest of the citizens, whom do nt mean badly but are not doing it the right way.

To sum up, the best option to achieve the greatest impact on environmental protection are environmental awareness groups because they allow common people to learn ways in which through simple actions we can contribute to protect the environment, and those efforts all together translate an improvement of the management of our resources, and ultimately may lead to indeed protect the planet.