Library, Pool, or Park?

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Feb 24, 2019 02:05
Local governments usually have to decide what the best way to invest public resources is. Public parks, public pools, or public libraries might be among the options to invest in. If was asked what is the best alternative, I would opt for a public library.

The first reason for why I think it is the best option is that a library comes to be beneficial for people of all ages, that is to say kids, young people as well as grown-ups.

Secondly, a library is a good place for children and young people to be, because they can find plenty of information on pretty diverse topics and choose what they want to read about, what issues they feel more related to. Unlike schools, in a library they can decide what subjects to deepen in, thus, enjoying the exercise of reading and broadening their knowledge. Students can also go to the library to reinforce what they have learned at school, and go at their own rhythm.

Lastly, having a library at their disposal can be a useful tool to high-school students to preparing for university. Exploring different subjects might become very enlightening for them as it would allow them to find out what their interests and abilities are, thus, enable them to correctly choose the career they want to study.

All in all, a public library would be the best option, as it opens a large window of knowledge for people of all ages. Besides, a library comes in handy especially for young students who are discovering the world around them and for those who eventually have to make the decision of what they want to do for a living.