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Apr 24, 2019 11:04
There are different ways in which people like to spend their spare time. Many people consider that one of the best ways to have fun is partying and meeting new people, while others prefer to spend time more quietly. I personally, prefer to stay at home and rest.

The primary reason I prefer not to go out, is because by staying at home I can nourish myself as well as my relationship with my loved ones more than I would while partying. While at home, I can watch movies, documentaries, study subjects that I like, thinking about whether my life is going in the way I am planning. In doing so I am nourishing my intellect and get to know myself better. I can also get to know friends or relatives in a genuine manner. Having a good conversation allows me to find out new things about people surrounding me, which is something that I find fascinating. Each new talk I can discover so many things about friends and I can also share with them how I feel about different issues in life.

In parties, on the other hand, people cannot even hear their own thoughts, it is downright noisy. People are all in the same place but they are not close. In such conditions, one cannot nurture a relationship, which I think is pretty much what people intend to do when they go partying.

All in all, even though most of people agree that parties are a good way to have fun and meet people, I do not think it is the case. Parties are not a suitable environment to spend quality time with people, quite the opposite, all the noise and crowd hamper people from establishing quality bonds. I, therefore, prefer to stay at home doing other kinds of activities.
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