Kinds of Language-exchange Partners

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Jul 11, 2018 09:13
It's been about 2 years since I started to language-exhange. I've met a lot of people and I've learned to treat them. I've come to make my on language-exchange partners classification, I'll allow myself to share it:

1. Commited and rigorous: Those who are really interested in helping others. They're attentive to any mistake I can make, they would also appreciate and take note of every suggestion I might make. They will precisely keep the track of time so that we both have the same time to practice the language we're learning. They´ll be in time and tell me when the time to switch has come. I like this kind of people because they are respectful and don't have any interests other than learn a language. With this kind of people the empathy is not always there, the parnertship relies in the mutual benefit we're both getting.

2. Smart but unsteady: People who are really inteligent and have gotten to a good level without much effort. This people have gotten to the level they are by watching soap operas, listening to music (must of times tropical music) speaking with lots of people but they won't care about spelling or accents. The problem with this parnerts is that they're quite casual they would tell things like "I will talk to you when I talk to you" that might work for others but not for me. What I like about these people is how easily they would start a conversation, they are not afraid of making mistakes as far as they can convey their ideas in a fairly understandable way.

3. Commited and fun: These are very hard to find. This is the kind of people I like the most. They're very attentive to any possible advice I could give them, that's perfect because I'm kind of pedantic and I appreciate when people are observant and receptive. They're creative and smart we're able to talk about silly things but also about profound stuff. With this kind of people I can last hours talking and there would be enough closeness so as to call each other at any moment even when talkings haven't been scheduled.

All in all, I thank each and every of my language-exchange partners because I've learned a lot and they all have been part of my learning process.
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