Residency Halls

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Apr 25, 2019 09:29
Most of the students graduating from high school prefer to go study at a college outside their hometown, and therefore, have to reside in residencies in or nearby college. There are some people who think that female and male students’ residence halls should be separate. I personally, oppose that statement because I think that although we women and men are quite different, we also have many things to share and learn from each other.

The primary reason why I disagree with the aforementioned thought is because I consider that the way to teach someone how to behave is by exposing them to real conditions and situations and not by establishing senseless rules. Even though, mixed residency halls have been demonstrated to encourage affairs among the students, thus, increasing the pregnancy rate, I strongly believe that that what education is about. Authorities should teach the right way to act in certain conditions instead of keep them apart, because sooner or later it produces exactly opposite effect.

Secondly, I believe that young women and men are in a crucial season of their lives, wherein it is very significant to approach themselves as well as the opposite sex in order to learn from each other’s features and to find out the differences existing between both. Developing healthy relationships will nourish their minds and will let them learn to respect others.

Lastly, being close to the opposite sex will teach them how to resolve conflicts, if any and to manage situations that can arise on a daily basis.

To sum up, I do not think that colleges should separate female and male students’ dormitories in that it is not the right manner to teach them how to behave. By keeping them apart they will probably create a wrong perception on the opposite sex.
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