Evaluating Teachers

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Feb 11, 2019 10:05
*This writing is supposed to be formal, if you find any expression not to suit let me know it,please.

There are people who deem schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers. I totally agree with this statement.

Feedback on the part of students is a very important tool that has the potential to upgrade the teachers' teaching tactics. While teachers might have full and extensive domain of certain topic, they might as well lack the abilities required to assertively convey that knowledge to students. A good teacher should always be open to criticism in order to be aware of their strengths and their weaknesses too, as it will translated into improving the quality of the students’ learning process.

I personally, had the experience of having a very talented maths teacher, he unfortunately, did not manage to get the students to pay attention to him. My teacher was pretty kind and was not able to lecture children when necessary nor give a bad grade to anyone. Since there was no such thing as evaluating teachers, it was a serious issue that the principal took long to discover and was detrimental not only to the students’ education but to the school itself, as the institution started falling down in the position of the city’s education ranking. Thereafter, the principal thought of evaluating teachers as an instrument to increase the school's level, the performance of both teachers and students did start to rise. The students, therefore, realize wherein important they are in education, they are not only those who learn but they also teach important lessons.

Having said that, evaluation should not only be an option but mandatory. Students are those who really know their needs and can give feedback to the teachers so that teachers can continually improve their teaching abilities or realize what they are doing well and should keep doing that way.